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Artist's Statement

My photographic art is an extension of my life-long interest in science. Most of my pieces start with a scientific principal and evolve from there. I work with dyes and other liquids, including ferrofluid, to explore the properties of diffusion and magnetism. I also experiment with different types of light, such as polarization or infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. With each subject, I work with the variables and make adjustments as it starts leading to something I find interesting or beautiful. My process often includes the use of high magnification macro or microscope lenses. Although I usually have some idea what the outcome of a process might be, I am often surprised by elements of the results. These unexpected outcomes give me a sense of wonder and make me want to continue exploring to see what else I can discover about the subject. The completed works often reveal patterns and evidence of forces on a microscopic scale that are reflected in the wider universe. I believe these patterns symbolize the idea that all things are connected.

My nature and natural history images are more a reflection of my love of nature and wildlife. I work to find subjects in interesting situations or demonstrating different behaviors. I try to find situations where the natural light best suits the subject’s beauty or character, or provide artificial light to achieve the same result. As with my more abstract work, I am drawn to all things small, often using macro lenses and microscopes, as well as miniature aquariums to photograph tiny terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates. Through my art, I hope to share the intricate beauty that exists all around us.


Biodiversity exhibit - Jamestown Audubon center
Smith College Botanic Garden in Massachusetts
CCT Gallery Chicago, IL 2009
Prints on display at IIT Rice Campus - Wheaton, IL
Chicago Botanic Gardens - Pollinators display
Natural History Museum - Venice Italy

Dandelion Gallery - Waukegan, IL

Blue Moon Gallery - Grayslake, IL  (scheduled for October 2020)

Science Probe Magazine
Mead calendars
Chicago Wilderness Magazine
Research Penn State - On-line article
Science Works - science text book
W.H. Freeman & Worth Publishers - NY - Book Cover - Discipline-Based Education Research
Dorling Kindersley book (UK) - Wild Life
Science Illustrated Magazine - Denmark
Bioneers weblog

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